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Aims Review Committee (ARC) is a mentoring program specifically designed to enhance grants writing skills and funding for JBC investigators at all levels who are in the process of grant submission.  ARC has proved to have optimized grant writing skills and funding success.

When are they held?

ACR meetings range from bimonthly to once in 2 months, depending on the number of investigators submitting their Specific Aims pages for upcoming grants.

Grants Funded

#YearGrant TypeFunderPrincipal InvestigatorTopic
12012K08NIH/NIAMSErika Noss, MD, PhDInflammatory arthritis
22012K08NIH/NIAMSJulia Charles, MD, PhDInflammatory arthritis
32012R21NIH/NIAMSPeter Nigrovic, MDInflammatory arthritis
42012Scleroderma FoundationAntonios O. Aliprantis MD, PhDScleroderma
52012R01NIH/NIAMSPeter Nigrovic, MDNeutrophil biology
62013PilotRRFAntonios O. Aliprantis MD, PhDInflammatory arthritis
72013DTRGRRFPeter Nigrovic, MDInflammatory arthritis
82013SDARRFPui Lee, MD, PhDMonocyte biology
92013R01NIH/NIAAntonios O. Aliprantis MD, PhDInflammatory arthritis
102014SDARRFLauren Henderson, MD, MMScInflammatory arthritis
112014IIRGNovartisPeter Nigrovic, MDInflammatory arthritis
122014IIRGPfizerYvonne Lee, MD, MPHInflammatory arthritis
132014R01NIH/NIAIDTanya Laidlaw, MDAspirin-associated respiratory disease
142015PilotRRFAntonios O. Aliprantis MD, PhDInflammatory arthritis
152015ANRFGang Li, PhDInflammatory arthritis
162015K23NIH/NIAMSJeffrey Sparks, MD, MMScInflammatory arthritis
172015MallinckrodtDeepak Rao, MD, PhDInflammatory arthritis
182015MallinckrodtKevin Wei, MD, PhDInflammatory arthritis
192016P30NIH/NIAMSPeter Nigrovic, MDInflammatory arthritis
202016CDALupus Research AllianceSara Tedeschi, MD, MPHOsteoporosis, SLE
212016K23NIH/NIAMSCandace Feldman, MD, PhDSLE
222016IRARRFPeter Nigrovic, MDInflammatory arthritis
232016Faculty award, BWHJulia Charles, MD, PhDBone biology
242017P30NIH/NIAMSDaniel Solomon, MD, MPHRheumatology
252017K08NIH/NIAMSDeepak Rao, MD, PhDInflammatory arthritis
262017K08NIH/NIAMSLauren Henderson, MD, MMScInflammatory arthritis
272018ANRFA. Helena Jonsson, MD, PhDInflammatory arthritis
282018ANRFPierre Cunin, PhDInflammatory arthritis
292018K12NIH/NIAMSKevin Wei, MD, PhDInflammatory arthritis
302018R01NIH/NIAMSPeter Nigrovic, MDInflammatory arthritis
312019K08NIH/NIAMSPui Lee, MD, PhDMonocyte biology
322019K23NIH/NIAMSSara Tedeschi, MD, MPHPseudogout
332019SDARRFLindsey MacFarlane, MDOsteoarthritis
342019IARRFPaul Hoover, MD, PhDSLE
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