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The JBC Mentorship Program is patterned on AMIGO, and directed by AMIGO’s founder Dr. Nigrovic.  Dr. Nigrovic has specific experience with such matching, having led 4 cycles of AMIGO matches (>120 mentees).  The JBC Mentorship Program will provide interested JBC Young Investigators with more senior mentors outside their research groups and/or administrative hierarchy. Each interested JBC Young Investigator will complete a JBC Mentee Application and be matched with a more senior mentor with appropriate expertise.


JBC Mentoring Program Steering Committee

Led by Dr. Nigrovic and including Dr. Karlson and 3 additional JBC members selected for depth and diversity of experience, this group will be responsible for matching mentees and mentors in recruitment cycles that occur every 6 months. Matches will be based on career direction (bench vs. clinical research) rather than research topic, informed by acquaintance with the participants as enabled by the small size of the JBC.

Dyads will be revised as necessary should the pairing prove unsatisfactory or dissolve through departure of one of the participants. Matches will last for 2 years, after which a re-match will occur.


Mentee responsibilities

As in AMIGO, JBC mentees will bear primarily responsibility for establishing and maintaining contact with mentors, including arranging dedicated mentoring meetings 2-3 times a year.

Mentees should arrange an exchange of CVs with the mentor, and prepare properly by reviewing the mentee toolkit, including an introduction to mentoring, a background article, and a to-do checklist.

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