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When do we meet and how often? We suggest three  in-person meetings over fall, spring, and winter after the initial match revealed at our annual JBC cocktail party in March/April. Here is a suggested timeline for meetings:

Who sets up the JBC Mentorship meeting? The mentee is responsible for arranging all meetings. At the end of each meeting, we suggest arranging the next meeting. Please contact us  if you have difficulty scheduling your meeting.

What should we talk about and for how long? The JBC Mentorship Program was designed to facilitate career development mentorship outside of your own laboratory PI. These meetings usually last 30-45 minutes. Here are some suggested topics for discussion:

  • Developing independence
  • Types of grants/timelines for application
  • Promotion
  • Fielding job offers and Negotiation
  • Leadership development
  • Networking/sponsorship

What happens after the meeting? The JBC will send brief follow-up surveys only to the mentee. We welcome any feedback from the mentors. Mentees receive a longer annual survey and mentors receive a brief annual survey to provide feedback to the JBC.

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