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In addition to strong leadership, the Human Biosamples Core benefits from an expert staff, including a programmer, two expert statisticians and two research coordinators.  This team aims to provide methodology services to JBC members conducting research in various domains which include basic science, clinical and translational studies.

Research Coordinator Support

  • Sample recruitment
  • Data Collection
  • Database Management

Statistical Support

  • Study Design and Quality Control

Dr. Karlson is available for consultation to JBC members at the point of initial formulation of a new project, paper or grant, helping to frame the research question and guide optimal study design. Considerations include experience of the investigator, timeline and feasibility, and required resources. Dr. Karlson will then match the expertise of Methodology Core personnel with the interests of JBC members. Most frequently, this will involve consultation with Dr. Lu and/or Dr. Cui to ensure adequate power and to plan strategies for data analysis. Where required, CSC staff will work together with the JBC member design optimal strategies for EMR and RPDR queries.

  • Analytical Support

Interpreting complex datasets generated through use of either HBC and CSC will require innovative computational strategies. Our methodology team has substantial expertise in integrating large-scale genomic data with immunological and clinical phenotype data to gain a deeper understanding of the pathophysiology of immune-mediated diseases.  Where required, this work will leverage local innovations in statistical methods of GWAS analysis, HLA imputation, systems immunology, linkage of clinical and genetic datasets, EMR interrogation, pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacogenetics and other relevant methods.

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